Sunday, December 23, 2012


                                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS

                           "What would happen if Mary and Joseph were to knock at my door?" 

MERRY CHRISTMAS friends in Christ! After the long 4 week liturgical season of Advent, in which we wait for the coming of our Lord, Christmas is finally here!  What a gift to have Christ, God: the Creator of the Universe come into form of a created being, a human, to save us from Original Sin, committed by Adam and Eve. We must be thankful and joyful to God for this infinite gift of himself to us. Why did God come to save us? Because He loves us. Why does He love us? For He is love itself, and He sees us as a special child in His eyes, just as a father would his son. His love to us is something that will never be understood by men. How do we know this? He fulfilled the prophet's prophecies by coming to save us from sin, He showed us the way to eternal life by his teachings while being here on earth, and death "Even up to death on a Cross"(- St. Paul). He rose and founded His Church, a means of which we can reach Him in Heaven for all Eternity. Look around, the oceans, the mountains, deserts, the lush forests: they all are reflections of His love for us. He created them to show us that He, the Creator of all these mighty objects and wonders, still loves us and knows us at the most personal level. "Not a Hair from your head will fall without the Father's knowing" -Jesus. So invite Him into your heart, he yearns to enter in your life and help you in your work. To fill that hole that has always been in your heart, to better unite your stressed and rushed family, and eventually help to bring you and your loved ones to Eternal Life with Him in Heaven: a place where no one can comprehend its majesty. In Bethlehem, there was not room at the Inns for the King of Kings... is their room in your inn (life)? God Bless.

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