Archbishop Jose Gomez
In Gratitude to his Work in Promoting Vocations to the Priesthood


From the Oblates of the Virgin mARY'S Website: 



Men of prayer are capable of everything…Without prayer they accomplish little or nothing, whereas through it, more than by academic degrees or persuasive speech, they will be capable of touching hearts and winning souls to their Creator.
–St. Vincent de Paul
The Oblates of the Virgin Mary are serious about seeking holiness. Centered on the Eucharist, devoted to Mary and faithful to the Magisterium, the Oblates serve the Church as experts in authentic spirituality and heralds of the mercy of God. Oblate ministries include a broad spectrum of apostolic efforts, including retreats, spiritual direction, priestly formation, missionary work, lay groups, parishes, and evangelization through the media.  We need men to join us in the crucial work of spiritual fatherhood today.  We need men of courageous heart to serve the Church and bring hope through friendship with Jesus Christ.


  • Serious desire to become a saint
  • Sincere devotion to the Holy Eucharist
  • Loving relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Fidelity to the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Church
  • Humble spirit of service and sacrifice
  • Desire for contemplative prayer and silence
  • Capacity for friendship and community life
  • Confident masculine identity and integrity
  • Zeal for the salvation of souls
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